How to create a brand for free; well almost

Developing a BrandStart a business, make a killing and live life on your own terms, well that seems to be the mantra or the bubble that we live in today. No doubt some have made it big and some more will make it. But it is smarter deployment and usages of resources that will get you there faster. The road to success begins with lots of reality checks and the biggest of them is lack of funds. You will realise that there are bills to be settled, vendors to be paid, recurring cost to be maintained, etc. And in these circumstances normally you won’t be left with much money to build your band. But thanks to the technology you can build brand and make profit without investing too much of money.

First and foremost you should ignore your initial set of sales, because it’s not actual sale, it’s a favour done by your friends and families. In real world people don’t want to buy brands that they have not heard of. So to make your brand heard and standout do the obvious, make a logo and define a tone and manner in which you want to reach out to your customers. Create a set of images with similar look and feel, (this could be done on normal power point) show it to your friends or strangers on the road and understand what message and imagery they are getting out of it. Make changes accordingly.

Post these images on social media there is a plethora of possibilities today right from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to get your message across. Blogging is the other way to reach out to your customers. If you have some friends who are already blogging ask them to help you out. You can also look at making small videos using your basic phone and upload the content. Remember to post your content with name and contact details every time; make it easy for your customers to reach you. Initially it will be slow, but key is to be consistent, customers will come.

Once you start getting customers, ask them to spread the word and help you with reference. Share a small portion of your profit with the customers who gave you reference. Going forward you can use customer testimonial and post it on social media along with your contact details. Your customers can be helpful in spreading the word using their WhatsApp groups.

Try writing articles about your business and if you can think of an interesting perspective local newspapers and magazines will feature your story. Send some of your products to local influencers or small / big celebrities (sports person, comedian, etc.)  And request them if they can tweet or like your post, that would be a big boost for your brand.

There are many approaches to marketing, but my advice would be to get creative and never give up!

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