Marketing for start-ups

Marketing is an essential part of startups, but most of them ignore that because they feel it’s a money burning game and also the results are not immediate. In a world filled with numerous companies and apps strategic marketing plan is what will set your brand apart from others.your-startup-needs-marketing

Any start-up company should start its marketing efforts immediately; they should start building the base, the longer they wait the more they will suffer as the time passes. Some of the tips that I have mentioned below will be helpful to achieve success.

Keep customers in focus:

customer-focus-1For a brand to exist there has to be a unique relation between the brand and customer, and for that you have to listen to your customers. Know what they want and create specialized marketing messages for those customers. Do consumer visits, look at their buying behavior and understand how they use your product. Take feedback and recommendations but act keeping your main purpose in mind. It is easy to get swayed by what consumers are asking all the time. You need to pause, evaluate it and then act.

Content is the king:

content-is-kingIn modern age content is one of the most important factors in shaping consumer loyalty. For a start-up it is important to build the right kind of content. Get the right talent in the beginning and invest in content creation. Remember people are seeking to know more about a product / brand before they buy it. So make it easy for them and take the opportunity to get their loyalty.

Build a strong brand:

brand-loyalty-crossword6For developing a strong brand sharp product definition is required. In case the product is not sharply defined then you need a sharp positioning to occupy consumers mind space. Use content and social media in the beginning to strengthen your distinct positioning.

Take advantage of your existing customer base:

Even if you have a small number of customers you have to focus on creating relationship with them and not lose hope. Make them part of your growth journey, talk to them and involve them in your business indirectly via social media, contest, newsletters, surprise gifts, etc. They will be your loyal customers and will promote you via word-of-mouth

Know your competitors:

competitors-e1433311120923-653x339Follow your competitors closely; understand why they are doing well. Do not copy them but learn from them and try to improve over that. Competitors will help you create a better product and strategy. Tracking competitors will also make you realize what works in your industry and what doesn’t.

To conclude make marketing a part of your startup plan along with the product or service. As you grow and develop the product you will create a unique marketing plan which will lend a unique voice to your brand. Get the basics in place and march on.

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